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    Default Spouse Used My Debit Card Without Permission

    My seperated wife, stole and had either her or one of her children take my debit card which according to the bank itself that I am the only authorized user on the card. And that there are no other cards issued to anyone else.
    They have replaced the funds taken ($800.00) stating use by anyone else other than myself makes it a fraud.
    I have a letter from the bank stating the above.
    Now my ex wife is on the checking account, but not authorized to use the card. The police are now telling me since she is on the checking account she can use my debit card? I am getting two different stories.
    IN court she lied on the stand saying "she had her own card for that account, but used mine to withdraw those funds, then proceeded to do an online transfer of all remaining funds ($2500.00) into her personal account.
    The day she did this, My two disability checks were direct deposited, and she litterally wiped out all my funds, she had made no deposits to the account. This caused all my checks to bounce, car payment mortgage etc.
    Additionally, she gave her adult children my Sears card and they went shopping and spent about $500.00, Sears also flagged it as fraud, and returned the money to my account.
    So do I have any recourse? Or am I simply screwed?

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    Default Re: Is it debit card fraud or not?

    You need to ask for whatever she took from you in your lawsuit. (I am assuming you will be suing her for divorce.)

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