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    I joined the firm on a student visa F1 with one year on OPT where I was not required to pay the FICA and medicare. I worked on H1b visa after a year but the tax software was not update until now. Employer did not deduct the SSN and Medicare from my paycheck ever. Please advise what needs to be done and how I can pay what I owe. Also what is the penalty and interest on the amount. I want this to be fixed asap as my green card filing is in the process and I am expecting my priority date to be current in 5 years from now . Please advise with the next steps. Thank you

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    For how long did it go on?

    The first thing you need to do is talk to the employer. If they failed to deduct YOUR share of the FICA, they likely also didn't pay their share. There really ought not to be a penalty or interest at this point. If you're talking previous years, you can amend the returns. Your best bet is to get a tax professional to complete the forms for you.

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