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    Exclamation Step-parent Rights While Custodial Parent is on Active Military Duty

    Hello I am the mother of 3, one is my biological son, and I have recently been awarded sole custody of him, my other two are step children of my current husband. I am in the Army Reserves, and they want to send me to a LPN school to get my nationally recognized licence to practice as a nurse. However the school in in TEXAS. I am in Oregon. If I go to school, 13months, what am I risking as far as custody goes? What rights do my husband have since we have custody? Am I risking loosing custody? I will still be able to have visits both flying home, and also my family coming down, and my husband wants to keep my son on the current schedule, but what could my ex do? Please help time is running out!

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    Default Re: Step-parent rights while custodial parent on temp military duty

    If your plan is to go away for thirteen months, leave your son with the step-father, and see him only occasionally, there's a good chance that your ex- could gain custody. Consult a lawyer.

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