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    Default When Can a Landlord Look Inside the Tenant's Unit

    A landlord has been having its staff look through the windows of tenants' garage doors to see if tenants are using their garages for storage, which is a violation of the terms of their lease. When the landlord's worker finds evidence that a garage is being used for storage, the landlord is sending notices to tenants that they need to stop. Can the landlord snoop in that manner without notice, without violating a tenant's rights?

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    Default Re: When Can a Landlord Look Inside the Tenant's Unit

    As a general rule, if it can be observed from a lawful vantage point outside of the rental unit, then it can be observed -- by the landlord, by the police, by a complete stranger....

    Looking through a window is not an entry into the rental unit, so notice laws for entry do not apply.

    Tenants should consider themselves on notice that the landlord is enforcing the "no storage" clause, and act accordingly.

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