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    Default Can a Lawyer Fire You if You File a Complaint With the Bar

    If you don't believe that your attorney is doing a good job, and your attorney is not responding to your inquiries, leading you to file a grievance with the state bar, can the attorney fire you as a client? This is with the Florida State Bar.

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    Default Re: Can a Lawyer Fire You if You File a Complaint With the Bar

    If you believe that your attorney's performance is so bad that it violates the rules of ethics for your state, it's surprising that you aren't the one firing the attorney.

    Withdrawal is governed by the following rule, and is independent of whether or not a grievance has been filed:
    Quote Quoting Florida Rules of Professional Conduct, Rule 4-1.16(b)
    (b) When Withdrawal Is Allowed. Except as stated in subdivision (c) [a court order to continue representation], a lawyer may withdraw from representing a client if:

    (1) withdrawal can be accomplished without material adverse effect on the interests of the client;

    (2) the client insists upon taking action that the lawyer considers repugnant, imprudent, or with which the lawyer has a fundamental disagreement;

    (3) the client fails substantially to fulfill an obligation to the lawyer regarding the lawyer's services and has been given reasonable warning that the lawyer will withdraw unless the obligation is fulfilled;

    (4) the representation will result in an unreasonable financial burden on the lawyer or has been rendered unreasonably difficult by the client; or

    (5) other good cause for withdrawal exists.

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