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    Default Getting an Insurance Claim Dismissed

    If somebody hits your car and you make a claim with their insurance, then they ask about getting the insurance claim dismissed so that it doesn't increase their premiums, is it safe to go along with the dismissal of the insurance claim and then getting a direct payment for the accident damage from the other driver?

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    Default Re: Getting an Insurance Claim Dismissed

    I wouldn't recommend it:

    First, the other driver's insurance already knows about the accident, and the dismissal of the claim is not likely to affect their treatment of his rates following an at-fault accident.

    Second, the insurance company is going to issue you (or the repair company) a valid check for payment of the claim; the other driver may not issue a valid check and, once dismissal occurs, may decide not to make any payment at all.

    Third, if you have trouble getting payment from the other driver, you cannot expect that the insurance company is going to reopen the claim that you chose to drop.

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