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    Default Insurance Demand Letter for an Accident Involving My Vehicle

    I bought a car at auction and had it towed to my home and parked. While it was parked, uninsured and unregistered, my brother got the keys and drove it. He hit somebody, but didn't tell me.

    I just got a letter from the other driver's insurance company demanding compensation for the damage to their customer's car. I don't think I should have to pay anything because I wasn't driving the car and it was taken without my permission. What should I do? We're in California.

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    Default Re: Insurance Demand Letter for an Accident Involving My Vehicle

    A couple of options come to mind....

    You can ask that your brother pay for the damage he caused.

    You can make a theft report to the police, relay the report to the insurance company, hope they deem that sufficient to drop the case, and let your brother worry about the possibility of criminal charges.

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