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    Default How to End the Tenancy of Your Tenant

    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: pa
    I let a man move in about 2yrs ago. He lives in my basement with no lease only in last 2 month's has he agreed to help with bills in form of 40 weekly. It has come to my attention that he is illegally smoking and also drinking in house. I have asked him to leave and he is now text in me threatening texts. What are my rights in removing him from my home asap. what steps do i have to do.

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    Default Re: Notice of Quit

    Read Article V - Recovery of Possession and follow the statute exactly.

    Put everything in writing (no texting), keep copies, have a witness to the delivery of notice.

    If he's not gone by the deadline, file for eviction through the courts.

    What kind of threats is he making? Quote them word for word.

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