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    Default How Much Trouble Am I Really in

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Texas
    I stole gift cards from my job worth around 1200$ I quit the same day and got a call the next day from asset protection saying they have me on camera I tried to turn myself inn but I don't have a warrant am I. Looking at probation and Fine's or jail time also if so how much I have 9month old and don't want to miss his first birthday

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    Asset protection is a division or a third party associated with your old job. When you went to turn yourself in, it sounds like you did so with a law enforcement agency. The two are not related. Likely asset protection has yet to contact the police department. Although this does not mean they will or can't in the future.

    First and foremost do not sell or spend the gift cards, this could make your punishment much worse and would also motivate asset protection to contact the police or further pursue you. That is most important. If it was me I would return the gift cards to the store, unused, and apologize for what I did. My reasoning would be that a. Its the right thing to do and b.I might get lucky and have no charges brought against me.

    I do not know what the maximum penalty is for theft of $1200 in Texas. Maybe someone else on the forums does.

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    Quote Quoting Kayeraye
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    I tried to turn myself in
    Tried to turn yourself in to whom?

    While jail time is certainly a possibility, it's probably relatively unlikely. I suggest you confer with a criminal defense attorney ASAP.

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    Default Re: How Much Trouble Am I Really in

    BTW, I'll tell you right now and save you the trouble of asking in the future. When a future potential employer calls this one for a reference and is told, kayeraye quit before she could be fired for stealing gift cards, and as a result you don't get the job, your former employer has done nothing illegal.

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