Hi I am from AZ, my husband received and "Order for Alternative Method of Service" from the Superior Court.

The letter says Attorney for the Plaintiff (lawyers listed) vs husband and instead of my name it is Jane Doe.

The second page is a repetition of the first except it has the case and summons. The summons states we can call a lawyer
and at the bottom it says the
State of Arizona named the defendant (husband)
and actually reads Jane Doe(not my name)

Page 3 says the suit is filed against you .

You are hereby notified of your failure to appear and defend you may have a judgment against you . In order to appear you must have an answer on file in or proper response in writing, with the Clerk of Court by filing within the time allotted. signed and sealed oct 2 2006. Now we just got this today

Jan 27 2007

It states the Plaintiff chase Manhattan alleges he is a resident and owes over 10k
the second sentence states that prior to filing this action, defendants did for the valuable consideration enter into a contract with the plaintiff or plaintiffs assignor.

In 2002 I was injured in an accident and got behind on the payments of this card. I tried to work with Chase but they wouldn't have any of it. I couldn't' pay their minimum, and it went unpaid. I tried to pay several times during the following year.

In March of 2004 I was contacted by a law firm in Georgia and they were collection agency , they called me at work and finally got me to write six checks ahead of time for four hundred a month. On the third month they cashed the check early and it bounced. They called me and gave me a hard time, and I sent a money order which came back . I refused their calls after that.

Then in Aug of 2004 that law firm filed for an arbitration and judgment, I hired a lawyer to write a letter to stop it and work out payment. He didn't get the letter to them and they set a judgment on them.

In Jan of 2006 I got a letter from a legal firm in AZ and they said they were collecting for Chase, I wrote back and said I disputed it. They didn't didn't have amount owed or both names on the account and it looked fishy.

I never heard from them again.

Then in Aug of 2006 I get a letter from a legal firm in AZ as a reply to that January letter. I didn't do anything about it.

Now today he gets handed this by a court officer. Where do I go from here.
My husband is retired and on small retirement income, his house is paid and he has not got much money. Can they take this.

I don't believe they are representing Chase. Hour do I find out? What do I do. Our money is low, but we need help. If it is all legal it will take us years to pay. I tried to pay them before. And right now there is about 6 thousand of it in interest.

What do we do? They have a form letter from chase that says sure we owed the money. They amounts are wrong though, because they tacked extra on and Chase signed it that way. the typing in the money amount ts is different than the form.