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    Default Is a Landlord Responsible for Maintenance of a Wall-Mounted Air Conditioner

    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: California

    I rent an apartment, it came with AC, its not on the lease, but it is part of the unit. Its a wall mounted kind like the window mounted kind but in the kitchen wall. The landlord had sombody mess with it because it was dripping and they destroyed it somehow. Repairman came said it needs a new compressor, landlord said they just going to replace it.

    I rent through a housing agency because im disabled with COPD, emphysema, bronchitis and breathing problems, i have inhallers i need to use daily also. plus many other health problems unrelated to this.

    Since the AC isnt on the lease but did come with the apartment whats the legality of this for my exact situation? Ive no money for courts or attorney's fees. I possibly could afford to replace it.myself, however it will put me in debt and im already in debt. Even my phone im using now is over heating in my hand and feels like a brick of lava. It reaches 100 degree inside almost everyday and its for hours and hours? Ive no Tv or radio, i just cant afford those things, i rely on my internet and tablet or phone, i was building a PC and i know I wont even be able to use it in this heat. (If you didnt know, PCs shouldnt be used in over 71 degree temps, i was in the IT industry before i became disabled so i know these things)

    Life is very hard for me, and granted people lived before the the days of air conditioning, however i dont think they lived in the middle of deserts which is where i live in LA, san gabrieal valley between pasedena and pomona. It reachs high 90s daily, and over 100 inside like i said earlier.

    I feel like it wont be replaced anytime soon and I cant deal with another month of doing nothing staying inside. I need AC for my computer to work and I mainly feel its disrupting my health even worse living in this heat is making it hard to breath.

    So where do I stand? Whos responsibile if anyone and do I have to pay rent if the need to survive overtakes the need to pay the rent? Meaning buy my own AC and deduct it off rent? Im suffering bad and have no one to help me out!!

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    Default Re: Air Conditioners and Whos Responsible

    Since your landlord said they were going to replace it why don't you just ask them when they plan on doing this.


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    Default Re: Air Conditioners and Whos Responsible

    Another option might be to purchase a portable AC unit. They are different than wall or window units. The are usually on wheels and have a hose that goes out the window. You can easily move them from room to room as needed.

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    Default Re: Is a Landlord Responsible for Maintenance of a Wall-Mounted Air Conditioner

    When an appliance comes with a unit, and nothing in the lease provides otherwise, it's the landlord's duty to maintain the appliance.

    An exception can arise in relation to appliances left by a former tenant, with notice from the landlord to the new tenant that they're not part of the leased premises. That happens at times with window air conditioners, but it's difficult to imagine the exception applying to a wall air conditioner.

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