My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: Pennsylvania.

A friend of mine is in the market for a new vehicle. He was pre-approved for $25,000 at 5.9% from his personal bank, so he decided to start looking around - with me tagging along with him. He decided on a vehicle and decided on a dealership (after visiting other dealerships). The dealership said they might be able to finance him for a lower percentage, called their "bank", and my friend was approved (according to the salesman). The price of the vehicle ended up being $19,515 after taxes, which originally it was $22,100. He was excited.
Following day, my friend brought in his pay stubs, social, bachelors degree, and all the other good stuff, plus a $1000 down payment + vehicle trade in (which he doesn't give to them until the final papers are signed).
Next day, he get's a call that because he isn't an American Citizen, the bank rescinded it's offer.
We go into the dealership to try and figure out a way around it, supposedly the bank is afraid of deportation and/or him leaving the country with the vehicle. I ask my friend if he want's his deposit back and to try elsewhere or to look for another vehicle, and then the salesman starts up a conversation of potentially leasing the vehicle - at a $50 monthly upcharge of what the price was originally negotiated. I tell him, politely, that my friend (who is moody and disgruntled now) would like to think about it, but will still want his deposit back. The salesman said to, "please think about it", and, "if he takes his deposit back the car will be sold off to another person". I asked for the deposit back again and the salesman told me he, "wouldn't be able to give the deposit today, maybe tomorrow". My friend chimed in and told the salesman to ask if he can get 24 month financing for a lease and the salesman started doing paperwork and calling the bank up, but because it was late in the day he couldn't get a hold of the bank and we left.

It's been a couple days now, no call back. We're planning on going back in person.

I would like to know if my friend can legally get his deposit back and move onward elsewhere, as I think the dealership is acting shady and trying to screw him. It also annoys me that they say they have the car in the lot, but they won't give him a vin number to give to his insurance agency. What are my/his legal options? Should I recommend him to get a lawyer? Is $1000 worth getting a lawyer? He's here on work and student authorization, he's been trying to become a resident/citizen for (10+) years but has been unsuccessful.

Thank you!