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    Default Car Repair Shop Was Unable to Fix the Car

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: California.

    Reason car was taken in- I brought my car in on June 29th & told the mechanic about my low idle and coolant loss. He told me I need a vtec solenoid ($300). The part was replaced & I picked up my car on July 8. July 9th the car stalled after 3 miles of driving & it was towed back to the same shop. He never called me to tell me the diagnosis and I walked to his shop and he told me I had blown a head gasket and the repair would be $1200.

    On July 23rd (three weeks later) I was told my car was fixed and my girlfriend and I went to pick it up. He then tried to charge me $1500 over the quoted price & dropped it back to $1200. While starting the car for the first time the engine sounded funny. The mechanic said I needed a new engine block & to bring it back in a a day and he'll have the block to fix it. Girlfriend and I drive off and went down the alley to our apartment, maybe 500 feet. The car was almost stalling the entire short drive. I again brought the car back to The mechcNic within 2 minutes and told him what was happening. He kept my car another 2 days and said it was all fixed. He blamed the low idle on carbon build up.

    I drove the car 300 miles and had to use an entire gallon of coolant in those 300 miles. I brought my car back to The same mechanic again on August 10th again and I said "it's sucking my coolant into the engine still!!" He removed the oil cap and smelled it and said "holy shit" because he could see & smell the mixture on the cap. It looks like mayonnaise. He started to put the blame on he shop who repaired my engine, he outsourced the engine to another shop. I told him "I don't care whose fault it is, I paid to fix it, fix it right!" So now, my car is sitting at his shop currently since Wednesday. He has not called me with any information. I always have to walk to his shop or call him.

    all of this in and out of the shop leaves me borrowing cars. Do you think I'm entitled to a rental because now I am suffering a loss due to his lack of fixing correctly- I NEED to rent a car for work but I don't want to pay for it. It's his fault I'm put out, right?

    Any advice is really appreciated.

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    Default Re: Car Repair Shop Was Unable to Fix the Car

    He's either going to fix the car or he is not. If he's going to fix the car, ask him when repairs will be completed and if he will give you a loaner. If he will not, have the vehicle towed to a location where it can be fixed and then sue him for the cost of repair. (If the cost of repair exceeds the value of the car, it may be best to scrap the car and sue for the FMV less salvage value.)

    Let us know what you find out.

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