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    Exclamation How to Stop Somebody from Posting Your Mugshots and Criminal History

    Greetings everyone and thank you for having me here!

    How lucky one is to have access to a bunch of well educated minds in law. I will most certainly admit I have been one of the farthest things from a law abiding citizen most of my life. After about 5 years employed at a reputable bank, I was laid off due to economic reasons and fell into drug addiction.

    To support my habit and not steal or commit acts against my morals, I sold small quantities to support my addiction. Eventually I was caught and served my time. I came out realizing the world of employment and rentals, isn't much of a fan towards ex convicts. I took it upon myself to learn web development and programming to go ahead and employ myself!

    I couldn't help but notice when I initially created a twitter account that an individual who I would later find out goes by "Jason Watson" which doesn't strike me as a real name but niether here nor there. I politely attempted to contact him via email and telephone for almost 3 months. Once this failed I took matters to the public eye in an effort to get his attention.

    After filing a report of his business and name slander to impact his site rank, Suddenly my obvilously not so private facebook accounts and other social media were violated by this individual to the point he is now stalking me and posting my private information online.

    Here is a video of individual slandering my name with a mugshot and threatening me by following my girlfriend and mothers twitter feeds along with several local law enforcement public officials in an effort to scare and harrass me

    My mom has offered to hire a local lawyer by the name of Walter Nash. Would you Ladies and Gents think it a wise idea to immediately contact him? My family has done so much for me in my life already, I wouldn't want to waste their time and resources unnecessarily.

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    Default Re: Simple Record Scrub Turned Internet Stalker Should I Immediately Acquire a Lawyer

    Well, I hope your username isn't your real name.

    There was a line at the beginning of your post asking what US state you are located in, please provide that information.

    The rambling nature of your post, which is incoherent in many places, prevents us from offering you much advice. As for the attorney your mom wants to hire, we have no idea if he is good or not.

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