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    Default Filing a Domestic Violence Complaint Six Months After the Violence

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: CA


    My husband got me to USA by marriage from India, abused me physically, mentally and economically (of which I have proofs), took hell lot of dowry from my parents and stole all I had and abandoned me.
    He also blackmailed me and my family for defaming me and releasing private recordings if I report anything.
    When I called the cops one instance, he managed to exaggerate and get me arrested but DA did not charge me.

    I want to file a DV report on him now as he already started releasing the recordings and defaming me by all means.
    The doctor who is treating me for my injuries reported as a mandate to the police in a different county but they have not contacted me yet (after 10 days of the report).

    What can I do to convince the police to report the DV and theft case against my husband?

    Its been more than 6 months

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    Default Re: Can I File Dv After Months of Violence

    You can contact the police yourself and report what you know. Whether what you have to say or provide them is sufficient to convince them to request charges from the DA's office, we have no way of knowing.

    Ultimately, there is nothing you can do to COMPEL the police to request charges with the DA. Treating you poorly is not generally going to be criminal. If there is physical abuse and no proof, then charges for domestic battery are unlikely. Depending on the state where you live there MAY be some crime that can be brought, including the possibility of extortion (assuming there is proof).

    I hope you already have a divorce attorney who can assist you in this process.

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