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    Default What Happens if You Miss a Court Date for a Divorce

    My question involves a marriage in the state of: OHIO

    Hello. I was wondering what you thoughts were on missing a divorce court date?

    My wife retained a lawyer and I received a court date 2 months ago. I received a court date in the mail. She then told me that she retained a lawyer just "to scare me" and right after that the court date was rescheduled for some reason? I admit I made the mistake in not getting a lawyer at that time; I am filling out paperwork right now to retain one. Also another reminder came in the mail that she hid from me so this also made me think she was having second thoughts.

    So I find out that today was an actual court date! I received nothing from the clerk of courts telling me this and I have no lawyer that would have told me this.
    I was not able to make it to court today..

    (Besides everyone telling me what an idiot I am for not having a lawyer by now, but you have to realize this wasnt what I wanted and I was under the impression that she was dropping the case.)

    I will get with a lawyer ASAP (tomorrow) but I was just wondering how you might think the court look at this? All I can do is be honest. No kids involved just property.
    I'm in the dark about these things until I consult my attorney just wanted to see if anyone has to say about this.

    Thank you

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    Default Re: Missed a Divorce Court Date

    How did she hide the reminder from you? Are you still residing together pending the divorce? If so, I'd scoot on down to the post office and get a PO box.

    Did you call the court to let them know you would not be able to make it?

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    Default Re: Missed a Divorce Court Date

    I did not know about the date till an hour after it was scheduled.
    I will let the courts know my situation today.

    I fully want to comply with the whole process and obviously with representation I can now do this, I just worried the court's going to look at this and use it against me. It was an honest mistake. If someone I know didn't happen to see my wife at the court house I would have never known about it. I received no mail about a date and I had no representation to tell me about it.

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    Default Re: Missed a Divorce Court Date

    What was today's hearing? If you didn't answer the paperwork or reply in any way, you may find that if the court determines you were served, that you are now divorced by default and your wife (now ex) will get everything she requested. Your neglect does nothing. You were served a hearing date. It was for today. You forgot. That is a problem. You may now own nothing, have no custody of any children you two share, and be ordered to pay child and spousal support. There is NOT an appeal for you "forgetting".

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    Default Re: What Happens if You Miss a Court Date for a Divorce

    The consequence of missing a court date will depend upon the nature of the court hearing and what happens in court on that day. We don't have the information to advise you about what happened. You need to discuss your situation with a lawyer, ASAP.

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