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    Default What Happens if a Restrained Person Encounters a Protected Person While Driving

    My question involves restraining orders in the State of: KS

    My ex-girlfriend filed an order of protection on me a few months ago, which was a total joke and more driven by her father while using his daughter as a puppet. So much so that even she came up to me after we left the courthouse and apologized for the whole situation. She even told the police that she's not scared of me and doesn't fear for her safety. She and I live less than half a mile from each other, and though we work for different companies we still work in adjoining buildings We also both live only a few miles from our building. Multiple times over the past 4 months we have seen each other driving along the road next to each other, been in front of and behind each other at stop lights, been sitting next to each other at stop lights, etc. Everybody will say "change your route" well I can't. I have to get on the roads I do to get to work and unfortunately she has to take the same roads as well. The papers I was served only say "don't be around each other", well what does "around" even mean. Am I violating anything by simply just trying to go to work? I have never heard from anybody about this situation which makes me believe she doesn't see it as a big issue at all.

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    Default Re: Continue to See Each Other on the Road

    I don't see how you could be held in violation for unintentionally crossing paths with the other individual in a public space. Particularly if you are both in different cars when it occurs.

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    Default Re: Continue to See Each Other on the Road

    The language ON the paperwork is REALLY "Don't be around each other"? Or, is it something akin to "no contact" and "do not annoy, harass, vex, ..."?

    If the orders state that you are not to come within 100 yards of her and you do, then you could be charged with violating the order. However, it is likely that unless you make an effort to wave, flip her off, or make a face at her on the road, that any passage during your commute would be seen as incidental and not charged. You'd just better hope she never alleges that you flipped her off or something if she sees you.
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