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    Default When Should You Seek Guardianship of a Grandchild

    My 19 year old, expecting any day, daughter has been arrested yet again for theft. She's currently on probation for theft & bodily harm while under the influence. The last time she was before the judge he told her she had no more chances. She would go to prison. So here we are......... literally days away from her delivering her first child, her facing 3 years in a state prison & her boyfriend is an illegal. She wants us to take temporary custody of the baby if she goes to prison. My questions are these:
    Temporary guardianship vs Full guardianship
    I know we can not get any help through the welfare system as far as Medicaid or Taniff is concerned. My husband is checking into getting the baby covered under his insurance at work.
    What about claiming the baby on our taxes as a dependent?
    My concern is when DD is released she will show up & just take the baby without having the things in place that she needs.
    We have very little time to prepare for any of this. She goes to court to be sentenced on 2/1.....she's scheduled for a c-section on 2/11.
    Can anyone help me?!?!!?

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    Default Re: Guardianship of grandchild

    I suggest obtaining a full guardianship. It not only helps clarify your legal rights to others, it helps you avoid problems if your daughter tries to regain custody before she is financially, psychologically and/or medically ready.

    As the child will be a member of your household for most of the year, and you will be the child's sole support, claiming a deduction should not be a problem.

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    Default Re: Guardianship of grandchild

    Thank you for your help. We are seeing a lawyer this week. She's bulking at full guardianship but that's the only way the baby can be covered under our insurance. The other option to her is foster care. Since we're already foster parents she knows what her chances of regaining the child through the system would be.
    Again thank you.

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