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    Default Re: How Do I Sue My School to Repeal a Policy That Chills Civil Libertiesl

    I can get women to have sex with me. What I'm complaining about is that if I do sleep with them, they will have total power over me for years to come and can have my degree revoked at any time. That is so unfair. Why should I have to give that much power to someone as a condition to attending school? And that is on top of the requirement that I follow the school's stupid rules.
    I have to respond to the above snippet.

    Any man can get certain women to have sex with him if he can pay the required fee. I'm assuming you're not referring to those "certain women".

    You've made broad statements with no facts. What percentage of women will exert "total power" over you "for years to come" simply because they allowed you to have sex with them? Do you really believe most women are that vindictive, or is your opinion based upon your perception that your sexual prowess is so outstanding that they won't leave you alone?

    If you are truly so worried about women exerting total power over you for years to come, then avoid casual sex. How about taking the advice of another member and get to know a girl first? You might even consider meeting her family. Sex is like any other activity. Jumping in head first (no pun intended) can result in undesired and negative consequences.

    BTW, I'm also an old fogie.

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    Default Re: How Do I Sue My School to Repeal a Policy That Chills Civil Libertiesl

    As has been said previously, colleges and universities do not revoke degrees lightly. It is sheer and utter balderdash to claim that it could or would be done at random on the word of an unrelated third party. You may rest assured that no one's degree is going to be revoked without a very thorough investigation of the facts. That a school reserves the right to revoke it does not mean that they're going to do so unilaterally.

    And yes, I do know what I'm talking about. I work for one of the highest ranked universities in the world.

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