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    Default Using a Stolen Gift Card

    I am facing an issue relating to a gift card worth of rupees 25699 of amazon the card was actually gifted to someone else as he don't want to buy any thing he have given that gift card to me to make purchase I have redeem the amount on site and used the amount to make purchases from amazon. Now the problem arises he have claimed that the gift card was hacked and used by someone inspite of the fact that he himself provided me the card to make purchases I have received the purchased items from amazon and haven't open the packing.

    Please suggest me what to do now because I have no proof to claim that the card is bring provided or gift by the owner of the gift card to me on his acceptance.

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    Default Re: Using a Stolen Gift Card

    You will need to discuss your situation with a lawyer in India. This is a U.S. site.

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