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    Question Straw Buyer of Vehicles is Keeping a Car While Seeking Better Compensation

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: Illinios

    I have a dear friend who works for a company that exports cars. They use him as a straw buyer to purchase new cars and then "sell" them back. I was just informed that they do not give him a W2 or 1099. Upon doing my own research I have read that this is very questionable legally and there has been cases ongoing the buyers and exporters. After telling my firend, he decided to keep the last car purchased until the export company pays him a better wage to pay for any future tax penalties. Since he was the "technical" buyer of the car, are there any legal issues he is facing for not "selling" the car back?

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    Default Re: Straw Buying, Compensation for Car

    It's definitely of questionable legality. Did he receive money to purchase the last vehicle?

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