My question involves defamation in the state of: wv

someone took a video of juveniles defending themselves from a couple of bullies and posted it on face book as the bullies being the ones getting bullied, one of the bullies did get hurt. And of course regardless of what they seen on the video, people seen the caption and believed it. the kids received threats of violence toward them from other juvenile and adults. Police were told and given the threats but did nothing. The bullies injuries were seriously blown way out of proportion and other lies from the family and friends of the bullies were posted on face book to help continue the violence toward the juveniles, it was even posted that they did not want the violence to stop! The Juveniles could not be sent back to school due to the threats it has totally upset their world and they are devastated. Is there any laws regarding this type of harassment? How can someone type a threat post it on social media and show up at your house and the police not doing anything? What can be done in this situation ?