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    Default Moving Out at 17 Against Your Parent's Wishes

    My question involves juvenile law in the State of: Texas and Florida

    -The purpose for my posting, is to inquire in regards to a seventeen year old leaving home in the State of Texas to the State of Florida.
    I am seventeen and living in Texas with my custodial parent, but I am not currently enrolled in a secondary educational institution, nor a high school graduate. My mother and I have many problems that are deep rooted and often turn violate and potentially deadly at times, thus being the source of why I want and would like to move to my non-relative friend's home in Miami, FL to complete my secondary studies, in order to go on to a great university.
    I have contacted the Juvenile Services department of my county, the Runaway hotline, and the District Attorney of my county in Texas; and, they all have communicated with me the same basis, that I am legally considered an adult and can leave on my own, without being classified as a runaway. However, my mother, custodial parent, could potentially file harboring runaway charges, against my friend's family in Florida if I chose to stay with them, and they were also unsure of Florida's law and perspective on people who leave their custodial parent's care at seventeen.
    My mother has also accused my friend's mother of attempting to lure me to Florida for the purpose to potentially sex/human trafficking, and she has filed a report with the National Human Trafficking Association of America. This association and law enforcement have done their "investigation", and found no evidence supporting, this absurd and far-fetched allegation, that would suggest of these heinous acts happening under this woman's authority. I did also find this to be true, because this woman has also been vetted to host exchange students from overseas, by extensive background and home clearances. Therefore, I believe her home to be a more safe, stable environment more than my own.
    I have spoken and written to my biological father, in regards to the situation with my mother, and he agrees that I should leave and be removed from my mother's care, due to the hostility. However, he does not want to take the responsibility of me, because of the state of the relationship I have with his significant other. Nonetheless, he has talked with my friend's mother and has a positive and sure impression of her, thus agrees to her taking responsibility of me. Although, my friend's mother has talked with my father's legal attorney, and he has verbally communicated with her that my father cannot make a legal ruling on where I reside, since he is not my custodial parent. From my knowledge, he does have some legal rights though, because he pays child support to my mother.
    However, what this all boils down to, is what would legally happen if I chose to leave my mother's home in Texas at seventeen, and move to Miami, Florida without her my custodial parent's authorisation.

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    Default Re: Moving Out at 17 Against Custodial Parent's Wishes


    If you want to be seen as a mature teen, you'll stick it out until you're 18. You're clearly not in danger remaining where you are for now. Why would you want to invite even the slightest chance of your "friend" facing charges?

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