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    Default How do I find out if a charge was expunged

    Just found this site and thank you !

    I pleaded guilty to a simple possession charge last year (2006) in Middle Tn.
    I completed all that was required of me, (fines, drug testing and probation) and on the court paperwork it states upon completion it would be expunged.
    Is this done automatically or do I need to do something to ensure this has been done?
    And how do I find out if it was indeed expunged.

    (I did not use a lawyer as they wanted to charge me 2000 dollars and the fines if I pleaded guilty were 1000 dollars and since I was unemployed I took the cheapest route.)

    I want to apply to a job that will conduct a background check and want to make sure this will not show up before I go through the process.

    Thank you for this wonderful site.

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    Default Re: How do I find out if a charge was expunged

    If you'll research the pardons and expungements section on this forum you'll find plenty of info relating to Tenn. expungements. It is not an automatic--if you received a disposition which qualifies for expungement you would need to file a petition for expungement and get the court to enter an order expunging the record. You may wish to call the clerk of the court where the conviction occurred to find out the status of your case there and they may be able to provide you with a petition for expungement.

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    Default Re: How do I find out if a charge was expunged

    Thank you for your reply.
    I did research the posts on this forum and couldn't locate information that was similar enough to help me understand the process.

    I did find a site finally that stated the law? on this.

    Now to try to understand the legalize and how it applies to myself.

    Thank you

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