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    Default Can a University Change How They Bill Students Mid-Way Through Their Program

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: Illinois

    I'm about to start my second year of a two year university program. Next year, the university is switching to a completely new program and is no longer admitting students to the program I'm currently in. They also plan to change how tuition is billed for the new program from a by credit rate, to a flat rate per semester. They only just informed us that they plan to apply this to our program as well rather than grandfather us in on the old system, even though we not part of the new program and did all of our financial planning based off of the old system. The old tuition rate is still actually what is posted to their website and is what their Financial Aid office has been using to advise students. This would increase my tuition by 136%. Because they waited until after the deadline had passed, I can no longer accept the loans I would need to cover this increase. I had been approved for enough loans the previous year, but I had rejected these based on the advice of their Financial Aid Office because it seemed like I didn't needed them.

    Could myself and the other students sue them for applying these program changes to us? Our admission package we signed doesn't mention tuition and does state that the program can be subject to change. Could you still apply False Advertising or something else to this case though anyway? It doesn't seem like they should be able to apply the tuition for a new program that we did not apply for to us.

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    Default Re: Can a University Change How They Bill Students Mid-Way Through Their Program

    Any provider of a service can change the way it charges fees, the amounts of its fees, the terms of payment, and the like, from contract to contract. You contract with a university by semester.

    I have no way to review the website, so I cannot comment on what it says or what disclaimers may or may not be present about changes in tuition.

    You can talk to your college financial aid office about your need for additional loans, and see how they can assist you.

    You can also consider withdrawing from the program before the changes take place, and transferring to a different college.

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