My question involves an injury that occurred in the state of: Wisconsin

I was in an accident that resulted in a deep cut to my eyebrow and a black eye (caused by the airbag deploying and pushing my glasses into my face) as well as a bone bruise to my forearm, whiplash and the usual aches and pains associated with car accidents. The injury to my eye will more than likely leave a pretty good scar. I am getting a lot of resistance with the at-fault driver's insurance, so I am filing with my insurance for the collision portion, but I am filing with the at-fault driver's insurance for the medical portion.

Question is, would any pain and suffering payments come from the "medical department" at the insurance company? I am unsure of my total medical expenses as I haven't gotten all of the medical bills, but I also missed 5 days of work (doctor ordered) and am experiencing a lot of anxiety since the accident. Will the insurance company offer me an amount, or do I have to push the subject and ask for it? And if any money is offered, is that in addition to my medical bills being taken care of, or would I be paying off those medical bills with my pain and suffering money? My physical injuries will more than likely not require additional visits, but I will be seeing a doctor regarding my anxiety and trouble sleeping, all which started after the accident.