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    Default My Spouse Committed Immigration Fraud to Get Permanent Residency

    So I've been married to this woman for roughly 12 years. I have a house and 2 children. Recently we've been having marital problems. For the most part she seems disinterested and distant. She's not cheating on me or anything, just that she dosen't seem committed to the marriage.

    Anyway she is from china. When I met her, my understanding was that she was bought in by a man under a K-1 visa, she didn't get along with him, overstayed into the united states, we met then we eventually got married. It took a lot of work to adjust her status. I had to file a i-601 and she had to return home temp. The i-601 was approved and she eventually got her GC and USCIT.

    Now here's the crazy part, one day she left her email open (in plain view) on her laptop. I got a little curious and put in the name of the original person who petitioned her K-1 visa. I found an email between him and her pretty much discussing payment she made to him to bring her in here, also the fact that he's done this to many other woman. It seems from reading the email, she paid him a fee to sponsor her K-1 visa, with no intention of marriage. She came here. Not quite sure how the hell this works, because she would later became illegal. My story from her is that he abused her etc and they broke up.

    This was the story I put on the i-601!!!!! The story she told me.

    I'm kind of pissed now, because I'm thinking our marriage has pretty much been based on shit!!!!

    So I was thinking of reporting her and this to USCIS. Big fear is that it would blow back into my face, pretty much they would say I somehow knew and was involved etc. I have security clearance and worked for the fed gov long enough to know how they can be?

    I'm pissed as hell, what should I do.

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    Default Re: Found Information Showing Wife Paid Someone to Help Her Come into United States

    Quote Quoting paul.hart
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    I'm pissed as hell, what should I do.
    Honestly? Get over it and move on with your life. You've been married for 12 years; proving that your marriage is fraudulent would be nigh on impossible.

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