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    Default How to Be Emancipated

    My question involves juvenile law in the State of: Texas

    I know in the state of Texas if you have a place to live, good schooling, a good source of income, and a safe place to stay, by the age of 17 you can be emancipated. Right now I have a part time job, and I have two months shy of turning 17. I am planning to be emancipated from my mother, I just dont know how to go about it. I plan to move in with my long life friend who lives walking distance from my school, but I don't know if that is going to be considered a stable place to live. Also, while the court case is going on I don't know if my mother can charge them with Kidnapping charges if I stay with them before I'm fully emancipated because I do not feel safe in my home now, and especially once the court case starts. Please help.

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    Default Re: How to Be Emancipated

    Despite what you think you "know." You need more than a place to stay and a job. You must show that you not only can support yourself independently and that you have the maturity to handle the rigors of life on your own. You won't just be turned loose to shack up with a friend just because you have a part time job.

    You do this by filing a petition with the court meeting the requirements of Section 31.002 of the Familiy Code. Note that if you don't have the support of a parent in this, there are additional steps.

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