My question involves court procedures for the state of: Ohio

Confused on how to proceed. Ex-attorney(he has been suspended from practice) is suing my current attorney and myself on a contingency fee agreement. I am handling this case as pro se as I cannot afford a lawyer. I put in a motion to arbitrate or a stay pending the outcome of the contingency fee case. The arbitration was granted, but was appealed and sent back to the court. My other part of the motion to stay pending the outcome of the contingency fee case has never been addressed yet and we just keep having status conferences to update the status on that contingency fee case. However, Plaintiff(ex-attorney), filed for summary judgment and I haven't even answered the complaint yet. I thought we were waiting on my other case to finish to start this one as I have confidential information that I will need to disclose to defend myself against the attorney. How do I address this? I feel as though his motion is moot, but I still think I have to address it. In Ohio, it is well settled that the attorney is only allowed a quatum meruit recovery, but the case is still active and no one can determine if there will even be an award let alone if so, what he is entitled to. This ex-attorney throws out everything he can, so I am also worried if I respond to a summary judgement, will he try to file a motion that shows I waived my right to answer or something. I don't want to lose by default.