My question involves a traffic ticket from the state of: Oklahoma / City: Edmond

Today on my way home from my workplace of 6 years, I was passing through a school zone which I do every day for the last 6 years... I am driving and the school zone sign was not flashing indicating that the school zone was not active. I am doing the speed limit of 40mph, just minding my own business and all of a sudden a cop is behind me with his lights on. He gives me a ticket for speeding in a school zone. He claimed I was doing 34mph in a 25mph school zone. I am 100% positive that the school zone sign was not lit up when I drove past it. Unfortunately, I do not have a camera recording my every day activities to fight this ticket with proof. I contacted the school administration and I am currently waiting for them to provide me a time in which the school zone lights became active for today. I am wondering if there are any tips you all can give me as far as fighting this ticket in court. I was traveling south on Kelly Avenue in between Danforth and 2nd Street. The police officer was traveling north on Kelly Avenue when he claimed to radar me and turned around to stop me. Can someone help me figure out a defense for this ticket in court? I have not received a ticket since I was a teenager and I'm 25 years old now. Would like to keep it that way