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    Default Can Your Spouse Cancel Your Notice to the Landlord Ending Your Lease

    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: Missouri
    me and my wife are on the break in the worse way. she is not employed and is not on my lease.
    I had a year lease that expired and turned into a month to month lease. my landlord knows the situation
    because we have an excellent repore, and has agreed to transfer my deposit to a new unit of his.
    this will make a third unit I have leased from him with no problems. my question is, is there any way my wife can prevent this process
    even after I gave her notice that my lease will be up on the unit and is acting like she will refuse to leave when the time comes?

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    Default Re: Can My Soon to Be Ex-Wife Prevent My Moving Out Process

    If I understand what you are saying, your landlord has agreed that you will move to a new unit, and vacate your old unit. That will leave your wife in the old unit without a lease. She is then the Landlord's problem. What is is you think she might do to prevent you from moving?

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    Default Re: Can My Soon to Be Ex-Wife Prevent My Moving Out Process

    anything she can to either prevent the move, or deplete the deposit knowing that the unit is my responsibility,
    being the lease is in my name only, by destruction of some sort, or I really don't know what measure she would go to
    stop this. that is why i'm asking you what are some of the things she is able to do legally to sabatage this or what can I do legally to prevent this.
    I already printed up a notice to not renew lease form for the present residence, but I don't know if this is what to do. I have always over paid my rent
    just in case repairs needed to be done or upgrades(dishwasher, vanity, etc.) but im afraid that if she do damage, it will exceed what is already on reserve.

    I still have not received an answer about my soon to be ex-wife situation as to weather or not she can legally stop or prevent my moving out after the lease is up?

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