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    Default Dangerous Tree Removal

    My question involves real estate located in the State of: Washington State

    There is a vacant parcel next to mine which houses a very large tree in which a large portion hovers over my property. Recent rain and wind storms have caused very large branches to break off onto my property. None have hit my house yet, but one barely missed my dog yesterday, which has prompted me to finally take action in having it removed.

    The issue is that property owner only has their name, and no contact information, attached to the parcel. The records office says it cannot provide any information not included on their website. What steps can I take to request that the tree is removed, or at the very least has the branches removed that threaten my property.



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    Default Re: Dangerous Tree Removal

    You are legally entitled to trim the branches that are over your property providing you don't kill the tree.

    You will probably have to hire an arborist with a personnel hoist because you won't be able to legally have anybody enter the neighboring property to climb the tree.

    As for locating the owner, there are several methods:

    The County Assessor records should have an address for the owner because assessment notices have to be sent. If that's not online you'll have to visit the office and look at the records.

    The County property tax agency is also a good place to look.

    The County recorder will have the deed and any other recorded documents like mortgages and such which should also have an address.

    You can "request" from the property owner anything you want but I'm guessing that you aren't going to get any cooperation so the best you might be able to do when you find him is put him on written notice of the hazard so you can sue him later if something happens.

    Meantime, your self preservation is up to you and may cost you some money if you want to prevent damage or injury.

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