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    Default Registration Suspended in Error for Lapsed Coverage After Change of Insurance

    I live in NJ,I had purchased Allstate insurance because I thought I was getting a good rate but after six month my new policy rate was high then my old insurance company so I opted to pay the month charge while I shopped for a another insurance company.

    I had made a payment the same week that I purchased auto insurance with another company. I did not go back to All State to tell then Iím with another company, on the monthly bill it said that If I do not pay by the date stated my coverage will end.

    About 3 months later or longer, I received a bill from the All State collection, I called All State and said I switched my coverage. I also sent them a copy of the insurance card from my insurer and All refunded my about 72 dollars.

    I was pulled over by a policemen who said my registration was revoke do to not having insurance. I showed him my insurance card(s) and he took the time to verify. He told me that I did have coverage. But I was given a ticket to appear in court because if this.

    I sent the NJ DMV copies of the insurance cover letters of both the old and new insurance companies and the DMV is saying I still have to pay a 200 fee to have my registration reinstated. My court date is next week.

    I All State told the DMV I had no insurance but I proved to All State that I did also the fact that they reimburse me money for being doubly insured, should they have contacted the DMV stating the in fact I have insurance with any laps in coverage?

    Has anyone had this happen to them? What do I do? What kind of attorney do I need for this?

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    Default Re: Registration Suspended in Error for Lapsed Coverage After Change of Insurance

    Is there another issue lurking in the background? You should have received a notice from the state indicating that your license and registration were going to be suspended, or that they had been suspended, due to the lapse. Did you neglect to update your address for your driver's license and/or registration after moving?

    You should not drive before your license and registration are restored. If you are are going to court for driving with a suspended license and/or registration you should get your license and registration restored and take proof with you to court, along with your proof of continuous coverage.

    The $200 assessment reflects a $100 fine to restore your registration and a $100 fine to restore your license.

    You indicate that you sent a letter to the DMV and received notice back that you had to pay $200. Did the letter explain why your documentation was not sufficient? Did it indicate that the documentation had even been reviewed? What happened when you went to the DMV with your documents in hand and attempted to resolve the issue in person?

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    Default Re: Registration Suspended in Error for Lapsed Coverage After Change of Insurance

    Update, I went to the motor vehicle with prof that I was double insured. They told me All State is the one who notified them and they should have sent a remediation notification when they reimbursed me for the overlap in coverage which they did not. That was the issue, The department of Motor vehicle retracted the suspension. I did not have to pay any fines.

    But I still have a court date, I was given a letter from the DMV saying I had insurance when I was pulled over. I’m going to ask the prosecutor to ask All State why a remediation notice was not sent to the DMV. But I’m sure they will charge me a fine.

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