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    Question How to Request a Prayer for Judgement Continued (PJC) in Traffic Court

    My question involves a traffic ticket from the state of: North Carolina

    A few days ago, I was pulled over for allegedly speeding 14 miles-per-hour over the speed limit in Apex, NC, while in my company van, working; the cop said he clocked me at 69 in a 55.

    As for historical context, this is my first speeding ticket; and I have been driving for about 10 years. So, my driving record is pretty clean.

    I have four questions:

    (1) How do I request a PJC (Prayer for Judgement Continued)?
    (2) Would a judge likely grant me a PJC?
    (3) Do I have to wait for the court day to request a PJC?
    (4) Does my insurance rate go up if I were to get a PJC?


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    Default Re: Speeding and Prayer of Judgement

    Note, that PJC won't get you out of the fine. It just gets you out of the points (insurance and driver's license).
    You need to determine if you are eligible. You can't use a PJC for driver's license points if you've used it more than twice (it appears you have not). You can't use a PJC for insurance points if anyone in your family has used it it in the past three years. And here's the big one: you can't use PJC if you have a CDL.

    1. You go to court and when it's your turn to speak you say "Your honor, I request my judgement be continued."
    2. If you are eligible, barring some protest from the DA (unlikley for a simple speeding for someone with a clean record), you'll get it.
    3. Yes.
    4. If nobody in your household has used the PJC in the past three years, your rates will not go up. The state has a mandatory scoring (insurance points) for tickets and this avoids it.

    Some attorneys advise that you can speed up the procedure by having a copy of your driving record with you.

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