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    Default F1 Visa Tax Return Form

    Hi Everyone,
    I changed j1 to f1 last year(4, 2015). So I have SSN. I have been working as a nanny illegally since chaning my status.I know it would be a trouble, and I have to file the tax.. I, however, do not know what status should be on the form. J1 or F1? Should I mention the true that I changed the status on the form? Should I create ITN number? I do not wanna get in trouble for now.. I really appreciate it beforehand...

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    If you have an SSN you are required to use it. Compounding your crime by either not paying taxes or by filing fradulent returns is not going to mitigate your immigration crime.

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    Default Re: F1 Visa Tax Return Form

    Illegal work is trouble. You need to leave the US and reenter when you are able to obtain an appropriate visa.

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    You must use the SSN since you have one; you do not qualify to get an ITIN if you have or are eligible to get a SSN. You need to indicate the correct visa status if a form you must complete asks for visa status; knowingly putting false information on a tax return is the crime of perjury and may also be the crime of tax evasion. You must also report all your earnings from the nanny job. Be aware that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) cannot on its own provide provide information to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) that you worked in this country illegally. Federal tax law significantly limits the disclosure of tax return information by the IRS and its employees. In order for ICE to get that information it must make a specific request for your tax return information. The only reason ICE would do that is if it already suspected that you had violated the immigration laws. In other words, ICE won’t get its first notification of a problem from the IRS. The tax law is written that way to encourage aliens to file and pay the tax they owe without fear that doing so will result in ICE coming after them. While the Congress may want to find and kick out illegal aliens, it wants its tax money even more.

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