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    Question Ticketed for Driving With Expired Tags in a Company Vehicle

    My question involves a traffic ticket from the state of: Texas

    Background information: Business in question is owned by two partners, henceforth called business owner #1 and #2.

    Employee was on the clock, driving the business owner #2's vehicle for business and gets pulled over and ticketed for the vehicle's tags being out of date. Business owner #2 says he will take care of $80 ticket.

    Business owner #2 did NOT take care of ticket so fine escalated to nearly $700 due to additional non appearance in court fines plus warrants for (now former) employee's arrest. Business owner #2 has since left the company.

    Former employee contacts both business owners about fine, business owner #1 claims the vehicle was "not a registered company vehicle" and therefore not the company's responsibility. Business owner #2 (owner of vehicle) will not respond.

    Since the vehicle belonged to an owner of the company, was being used by an employee during business hours and for business reasons when employee was ticketed for expired tags, can the company be liable for the fines?

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    Default Re: Ticketed for Tags in Company Vehicle

    Every driver is responsible to check that the vehicle he or she will drive has (1) current registration and (2) current insurance coverage. If you drive a car without checking for that and the vehicle lacks the necessary registration or insurance then legally you as the driver are responsible for that.

    Here, however, business owner #2 did evidently agree to pay the ticket. The employee should have paid the ticket and got business owner #2 to reimburse the cost so that there was no doubt that it got done. The employee may have a good claim to make against business owner #2 to pay for the costs of this since he made the promise to pay for it. The liability of the company would depend on additional facts not stated in your summary. But the employee could name both business owner #2 and the company in a small claims lawsuit and let the court decide what each might be responsible for.

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