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    Default Solicitation of a Prostitute Gone Wrong

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Ohio

    I sadly have a horny stretch, and sometimes I get a mild high off considering the idea of soliciting a prostitute. However, I've never done so.

    So, for some shameful reason, I was scanning the backpage escort services, saw an ad that had lots of pictures and caught my eye, and texted, which was a giant leap for me. We also chatted on the phone. Basically, I expressed interest in meeting this evening, she said she'd call me back. She did. I sent her a few pictures of me (foolish of me) that included my face, along with I'm ashamed to say a picture of my privates, and she sent one picture of her privates back back. I said I had cold feet and couldn't go through with it. She blew up on me and began making threats. Here is the convo. The texts (provable) are in bold:

    Me: "Hey, saw your backpage ad, are you up for company?"

    Her: "Sure, what time?"

    Me: "I'm free tonight, I've never done anything like this, I'm not a vet lol"

    Her: "Call me"

    Me: "Should I bring anything?"

    Her: "Just Call me"

    I called. We spoke on the phone. She asked me a few questions. She said she had a bad gut feeling, to which I said "okay". And we hung up.

    For some reason, I texted back.

    Me: "Why did you have a bad feeling about me, is it because I'm new to this?"
    Me: "Would it be better if I sent some pictures?"

    Her: "Yea, that would help"

    *Pictures sent

    Her: "Okay call me back baby"

    We spoke again, verbal only. She said she was going to a tanning bed, but wasn't sure it was open. She said she'd find out, and call me back to let me know, and we could meet back at her place. Confused and certain I wasn't going to be able to do this, I said "okay" to her calling me back.

    She tried calling and I didn't pick up. I texted her:

    Me: "Sorry I got cold feet. But you look great and best of luck"

    Her: "No bullshit you got my picture and probably dr. dick-off I don't like sending my pictures and I don't like people wasting my time I don't tolerate it so trust I will be in touch and I will let your little secret out I don't tolerate this ****ing bullshit"

    Me: "Well you sound nice, you look great. I thought our convo was pleasant. It sucks that you're having car issues or what not. Mine barely runs. Sorry to waste 5-10 minutes chatting on the phone."

    Her: "It's not about that at all its about you getting my pictures and using them for jack off material if you want that go to ****ing free porn hub I do this for survival bitch and now I'm going to even the score trust me"

    Me: "Thankfully, yes, if I need to do any sort of self pleasure, there are options online. You sent a picture of an anonymous body part, which doesn't do a ton for me. Pictures overall don't, nothing at all personal. But, it's already deleted, and there's no way to know its you. All that's out there now to identify you is what you put out there on the ads you posted.

    Her: "Right when you sent me the same ****ing picture stop wasting more and more and more of my time My Mind is Made up I will find out where you work and I will tell everyone your secret I promise you"

    Me: "If you really want to waste more time you're welcome to. I'm about to go there now, it's in Cleveland. I work 3rd shift, I doubt many people there would care."

    Her: "Well we'll just have to find out how good I am at being Nancy Drew then won't we you think I don't have police officers that are regular clients of mine you're wrong and they're all married and they will tell me anything I want to know anything you just ****ing pissed off the wrong ****ing bitch"

    Me: "I doubt I'm worth the effort, I'm a secular humanist, I don't like making anyone upset. I'm not sure what I did to upset you, but I won't waste any more of your time. I hope things work out for you.

    Her: "Things always end up working out for me I hope they work out for you because every word I said I promise you I will even the score I do not tolerate it my life is difficult enough without people like you wasting my ****ing time that is not replaceable. I'm sorry just doesn't pay my bills.

    (by this time I was just trying to talk her down)

    Me: "I feel bad if I upset anyone. I don't have lots of money, but I like to help people. How Can I help? We could go through with what we talked about, I'm a nice person, I don't mean any harm... but I'm not sure I feel safe being that you were talking about getting me back somehow."

    Her: "If you follow through with your appointment there's nothing to worry about and I'm not a violent person or anything like that nothing's going to happen to you in that aspect call me when you're at 44th adn Lorain and I live alone is nothing to worry about.

    Me: "If you supposedly know police, how can I know you won't use them on me? You kinda spooked me saying that. That is, if I came over."

    Her: "Dude relax it should not be this difficult you're making it difficult."

    Me: "Like I said, I'm a noob lol"

    Her: "Okay so when will you be at West 44th and Lorain."

    Me: "You're telling me to relax but it's tough now that you were threatening me. I'm only 15 minutes away, I live in Lakewood actually."

    Her: "Okay so again when will you be at West 44th and Lorain? ????

    Me: "You initially rejected me bc you had a gut feeling. Well, now I kinda have a gut feeling... I like to help people in need though"

    Her: "Dude you're just wasting more and more of my time you're circling the airport you're never going to land the plane so fine I'll move on with my plan and you stop messaging me and don't come crying later goodbye"

    Me: "Okay. I don't ever want to upset anyone, sorry if I did by not being a veteran and certain about all this. Have a good night."

    Her: "**** you and i can't wait to get even with you".

    So my first question is, did I officially solicit prostitution?

    Second, can I go to the police with this "evidence"? With her supposed connections through blackmailing police officers (I have to assume there's a possibility), could I find myself quickly on the wrong end of being framed?

    Third, could she be charged with extortion or some sort of intimidation?

    I have her phone number, and she has mine. I assume, IF she's good on her claims, that she can have people look me up by phone number.

    I usually don't get freaked out by threats, but this one has me very worried. I'm upset and nervous. But, I need to know if I did anything wrong as far as breaking the law officially.

    Did I?

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    Default Re: Solicitation of a Prostitute Gone Wrong

    If you don't want to risk the possibility that a prostitute is going to tell people that you solicit prostitutes, don't do it.

    The prostitute is not going to report you to the police for trying to set up a 'date'.

    Move on with your life.

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    Default Re: Solicitation of a Prostitute Gone Wrong

    Quote Quoting Mr. Knowitall
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    If you don't want to risk the possibility that a prostitute is going to tell people that you solicit prostitutes, don't do it.

    The prostitute is not going to report you to the police for trying to set up a 'date'.

    Move on with your life.
    Yes, I've certainly learned my lesson here. A very dumb move.

    However, I'm not sure to what extent her resources are, and if she's able to find me. She has my phone number, and a few pictures of me, which I foolishly sent her.

    Does it help to be proactive here about this? I mean, I have her phone number too.

    Would my conversation be considered "solicitation", since no price was negotiated? Could I simply offer this as wanting to be protected by threats of extortion?

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    Default Re: Solicitation of a Prostitute Gone Wrong

    Ignore her and move on. She's not going to report you to the police because she could be charged as easily as you could. Not to mention the fact that the police are unlikely to want to try and delve into the matter to begin with!

    Ignore her, don't chat with her, and DO NOT SEND ANY MORE PICTURES OF YOUR "JUNK" TO PEOPLE! The next person you fiddle around with online may claim to be a minor. So, it's best to get to know women the old fashioned way - in person and over a social activity!

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    Default Re: Solicitation of a Prostitute Gone Wrong

    "I do this for survival bitch"

    I lol'ed so hard

    ANYWAYS, you have nothing to worry about. At least from a legal perspective.

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    Default Re: Solicitation of a Prostitute Gone Wrong

    Wow, this one is right in my backyard.

    I can't even imagine what kind of classy broad you almost met up with at 44th and Lorain. They are a dime a dozen there and there's no telling what kind of STD's you avoided here.

    Seriously, get a hobby or - a job? No, nothing is going to come of this legally - but you do realize that CPD regularly makes arrests over there for this right?

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