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    Default Failure to Fulfill Intoxicated Driver Resource Center (IDRC) Requirement

    My question involves a driver's license issued by the State of: NJ

    I was supposed to attend IDRC on 3/7-3/8 but I missed the date due to certain vicissitudes. I assumed they would re-schedule but instead I have received a letter on non-compliance from the center itself as well as a letter to appear in court which I conjecture is meant for me to address why I didn't show up on the allocated date. This is my My question is, will I serve a mandatory 2 day jail sentence? Will I have to re-take the IDRC course if I do serve the 2-day jail sentence? Also, this is my first DWI.


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    Default Re: Idrc - Failure to Satisfy

    It's up to you to make sure you attend all your sessions and to immediately make arrangements if you can not attend (and you better have a damn good reason). They aren't going to reschedule you.

    You're now non-compliant. Yes, jail time is quite a possibility and it could indeed be more than TWO days (you could get 30) and YES you still need to complete IDRC to get your license back regardless of whether the judge feels kind and doesn't throw you into the slammer for your impertinence.

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    Default Re: Idrc - Failure to Satisfy

    You will be well served by not trying to impress a court with your vocabulary, especially since you have not used all the words you have thrown in your post in an attempt to impress those that read your post correctly. Your grammar is even more atrocious.

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