My husband served me with divorce papers in May '06. At that time, we paid off all marital debts except mortage and car loans. We each agreed to assume the loans on the vehicles that we possessed. Since then, he has taken out a couple of loans and opened several new credit card accounts and ran up a debt of around $25,000 (including many hotel bills, eating out, remodeling, shopping trips and jewelry for his girlfriend). All of these debts are in his name only but now he is saying that I should be responsible for half of his debt because they occured while we are still married. We met yesterday one-on-one to try and negotiate a compromise and he agrees that it is "low" to ask me to pay half his debt, but he is going to try to use it as a bargining chip to get me to forego asking for spousal support and half of his retirement (I have been a stay-at-home mom for the past 8.5 yrs for our children). Can I actually be held responsible for his debts?? We are in Minnesota.