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    Default Eighteen-Year-Old Student Caught Shoplifting, First Offense

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Arizona

    Recently I was charged with two misdemeanors on account of shoplifting at Macy's. The items stolen totaled less than $100. I would not have been arrested or brought to the police station if the goods had not been "damaged" - the cops had to be involved for this reason and I was placed under arrest.

    I was charged with a misdemeanor for shoplifting and another misdemeanor for concealment or "concealed" shoplifting,both for the same issue. My court date is two weeks and I'm unsure what consequences I will be facing. I am scared that jail time or incarceration will be the outcome. I'm only 18 and I'm a student and I don't want to disappoint my family by going to jail at such a young age. Is there a large chance I'll have to spend time in jail or is there a better chance that I can just pay a fine and take a diversion class to expunge my record? Shoplifting was the biggest mistake of my life and I will never do it again if they give me the chance to pay back the wrong that I committed.

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    Default Re: First-Time Offender, Less Than $100 Stolen - What Am I Going to Be Facing in Cour

    You need an attorney. Get the chip off your shoulder that you had some bad break that caused you to be arrested. You committed crimes. Even if they recovered the merchandise in salable condition, they could have still called the cops and the state still could have prosecuted you for EXACTLY the same charges you are facing now.

    A theft diversion program is your best bet. An attorney could make sure you get into one. The program will come with a fee, but if you successfully complete that, you'll not have a criminal record from this (and the program fees are likely less than the fine you would have received).

    If you go to trial, chances are you'll get a fine and court costs plus sentenced to probation (there will be fees associated with that as well). As I said, if it gets this far, you definitely need an attorney. You could get up to a six months on each charge, though jail time is unlikely. The fine (before court costs are tacked on) cold be as much as $2500 for each offense.

    You can also be guaranteed that Macy's has reported you to the NRTD. You can kiss off any jobs in retail for the next seven years (even if you do get diversion). You can also be assured that Macy's "lawyers" will send you a letter demanding restitution for the expense your criminal behavior caused them. This is entirely independent of your criminal trial issues.

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    Default Re: First-Time Offender, Less Than $100 Stolen - What Am I Going to Be Facing in Cour

    You cannot right the wrong you have committed by paying back the store. What you did had nothing to do with the money, it's a symptom of a much larger problem you have, comparable to cutting yourself or starving yourself to get that little rush and feel more in control. I hope with all my heart that you have told your parents, full disclosure, and that you have an attorney they've hired for you, and that you are seeing a counselor to discuss the issues in your life that have let you to this behavior. And I bet a lot of money that this was not your "first time." This was just the first time you got caught.

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