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    Default Have Letter Saying Debt's Paid, But Collection Agency is Still Misreporting

    I Have a letter from creditor, on their stationary and written/signed by one of their managers, stating that I paid the amount they said I owed. I even have a copy of the bank check I used to pay them. I sent copies to Experian and they say they can't accept my documentation (even though it's what they told me to send!). I have been trying to get Experian to delete this alleged charge off, but the other two times I tried they said they investigated and find the charge correct. This is not possible!

    At first, the amount reported was incorrect. Then it changed to the correct amount. Now there is no amount listed on my cred rep at all. I have sent copies of my letter from the creditor, provided them with the names of who I spoke to at the creditor's office, and sent a copy of the check. But they keep saying I owe it and Experian is accepting their statement as fact. This is so frustrating. Can I request Experian inform me of how they investigated my disputes, or what evidence they have provided that proves the debt or disproves my evidence?

    Coincidentally, today I received a letter from the collection agency telling me that I owe them an additional $300 or they will sue me - the letter was dated a week after Experian got my dispute letter with my evidence. I feel like they might be trying to shake me down! Despite the fact that the creditor's agent told me how much I had to pay, where to send it and that I complied, they persist in misreporting that account. What can I do to stop them and to get Experian to acknowledge my evidence?


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    Default Re: Have Ltr Saying Debt's Pd; But CA Still Misreporting!

    experian can only report what the furnisher reports. you need to contact the furnisher of the tradeline to the CRA and inform them they are in violation on the FCRA

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