1st let me say Its about the children and thats all that really matters! I am a single mother of 3 wonderful girls 25 19 and 17.Their father left us in 1992,after 13 years of marriage.It took 12 years to even get a dime from him. Yes I went on welfare,foodstamps for about 2 years. I finally got a JOB since i had no diploma or training etc. Made enough to pay bills and survive barely. It was very hard and we were POOR I mean dirt POOR. He wasCOURT ORDERED to pay each week.LOL!!! Well He finally started paying sometimes here and there. Then in 2004 he finally starts paying just about every week even paying a extra 10.$ a week in arearages.( Who wouldnt want a 42,000.00$ loan and only have to pay it back @ 10.00 aweek????)Anyway My girls father committed suicide on 11/24/2006. They loved their father even though he was astranged from us most of the time. I guess I trying to say if you love your children take care of them. I never really expected to get all the moneys he would have owed ME. Yes I worked and paid the bills etc. so it is my money. But I have my wonderful Healthy Bueatiful girls and I feel blessed money or not. That my friend money cant buy!