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    Angry A House Guest Discarded My Property

    My question involves personal property located in the State of: Illinois.
    I went on vacation from December to January 20 and when I got back, my brother had his friend sleeping here. She's only a friend, he would tell my mom and I if she were a girlfriend. She stole my bath bombs and she threw away a shower curtain I had.
    I really want to have a good reason to have this girl kicked out because I pay rent and she's here freeloading off my towels, blankets shes using my hotplate and detergent laundry soaps. She's disrespectful and steals and lies. She drinks here to and she is possibly pregnant I can't tell because she could either be an alcoholic thats growing a belly or a pregnant girl whos trying to kill a baby with alcohol consumption.
    The problem with having her here is that she's disgusting, disrespectful and rude. I'm not sure why my brother has her here still when she still hasnt found a job and its been over 2 months. Please help! I want her out of here

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    Default Re: Can Someone Be Fined for Throwing Out My Stuff While I'm on Vacation

    Is this a home you own or rent by yourself? If so, boot her. If not, who owns the home or is the lessee of the home?

    if you have proof of her throwing your property in the trash or stealing items, while the cops are not likely to get too worked up about it, you could sue her in small claims court for your losses.

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