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    Default What Does it Mean for a Declined Criminal Charge to Have No Disposition

    My question involves criminal records for the state of: Texas.

    I was involved in a harassment/family violence case that was declined by the DA in January. (Have documents to prove so) I recently enlisted in the US Army and while at MEPS I was told that the case was listed as "no disposition" and they had to evaluate it. My recruiter told me to contact my lawyer, but he Will not be able to be contacted until 4 days from now. Im wondering what no disposition means? Is it possible that the case was re-opened? Or is it possible that the court never put it in their system? The people that tried accusing me of this are psychotic and are friends with the sheriffs deputy that took the case so Im worried they are trying to accuse me of this again. thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: No Disposition on Declined Case

    It means that they neither proceeded with the trial nor dismissed the charges. Things are "pending." The military is reticent to take anybody whose on any sort of restriction or pending charges.

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