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    Default Child Custody Case Manager Wants to Be Appointed as Guardian ad Litem

    My question involves a child custody case from the State of: WA

    I have a case manager on my final parenting plan; however, her responsibility and role is ambiguous. The mother of my child and I have met with her one time for one hour. I have not had any contact with her besides this. She had my son met with her against my wishes. During this time she was heavily bias towards the mother. She did not listen to any of my complaints (various parenting plan violations such as mother taking child to consoler without my consent, parental alienation, false accusations of me reported to CPS and 911. The mother does not have any legitimate complaints and was only there to change the residential schedule to something that fitted her personal wants. The case manager completely sided with the mother despite her admitting to parental alienating behaviors. I feel like the case manager completely discriminated against me. On her website she have various facts supporting mothers but not fathers, etc. The case manager filed a motion with the court to clarify her role. She would like to be a GAL and side with the mother/take residential time from me. Our final parenting plan was agreed upon by mediation and not court order. All CPS and 911 allegations towards me were unfounded/dismissed. The previous GAL recommended I have 50/50 custody time with my child. The case manager has ignored all of this.

    The WA state court states a case managers role as "(b) UFC Case Manager. The role of the case manager is to provide coordination for the cases. The case manager summarizes the current family law case for the judge, makes recommendations as to the family law actions needed for the dismissal of the dependency, circulates proposed orders, and tracks cases for timeliness. All information summaries provided to the court shall also be provided to all parties." How would you interpret this in relation to power to change my residential schedule?


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    Default Re: Child Custody Case Manager Wants to Be Appointed as Guardian ad Litem

    I suggest that you work with a lawyer.

    We lack the information necessary to analyze your perceptions or to comment on whether there's a basis for modification of the custody order, let alone the odds of a court granting modification.

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