My question involves civil rights in the State of: wisconsin

I've been accused of shoplifting in a walmart. Police said the greeter pick me out of a photo line up. I didn't know anything about this until I got picked up for a warrent and spent 9 days in jail waiting for that specific County where the Walmart was located to pick me up. I guess a guy I know said I borrow his car (which I did not) when the police ran the plated and contacted him. Walmart has tons of cameras and should be able to see I have never entered or exited that walmart in my life! The time in jail costed me alot. I withdraw led from my medications and was called a heroin junky multiple times from the correctional officers, that was time away from my wife and 3yr old son (who was very confused where I was), I was suppose to start a job that following Monday from when I was arrested (which now they moved on to someone else, do to me not being able to show up), I also had a contract with my mortgage company that they would knock $38,000 off my principal if I wasn't late on payment (which I couldn't make the payment until I finally got in front of a judge to get a bail,and my wife wasn't able to acess my monet for mortgage with out me.)but that was breached because of me being in jail. I hired a $5000 dollar lawyer for a pet retail theft I didn't do, I did this to make a big statement of I didn't commit this crime. My question is do I have good grounds on a civil suit againts walmart for this? This whole this has been devistateing and not to mention made a big impact on my wife and I lifes. And suggestions / advice would be appreciated. My lawyer didn't say much,except he will get me in contact with one of his civil lawyer friends once I get this thrown out and not found guilty.