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    Default Can You Sue a Store for Accusing You of Shoplifting

    My question involves civil rights in the State of: wisconsin

    I've been accused of shoplifting in a walmart. Police said the greeter pick me out of a photo line up. I didn't know anything about this until I got picked up for a warrent and spent 9 days in jail waiting for that specific County where the Walmart was located to pick me up. I guess a guy I know said I borrow his car (which I did not) when the police ran the plated and contacted him. Walmart has tons of cameras and should be able to see I have never entered or exited that walmart in my life! The time in jail costed me alot. I withdraw led from my medications and was called a heroin junky multiple times from the correctional officers, that was time away from my wife and 3yr old son (who was very confused where I was), I was suppose to start a job that following Monday from when I was arrested (which now they moved on to someone else, do to me not being able to show up), I also had a contract with my mortgage company that they would knock $38,000 off my principal if I wasn't late on payment (which I couldn't make the payment until I finally got in front of a judge to get a bail,and my wife wasn't able to acess my monet for mortgage with out me.)but that was breached because of me being in jail. I hired a $5000 dollar lawyer for a pet retail theft I didn't do, I did this to make a big statement of I didn't commit this crime. My question is do I have good grounds on a civil suit againts walmart for this? This whole this has been devistateing and not to mention made a big impact on my wife and I lifes. And suggestions / advice would be appreciated. My lawyer didn't say much,except he will get me in contact with one of his civil lawyer friends once I get this thrown out and not found guilty.

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    Default Re: Can You Sue a Store for Accusing You of Shoplifting

    It sounds like the person most responsible for your arrest is the friend who named you as the person who drove the getaway car. As we have no further facts that would indicate why you were a suspect, we are not in a position to comment on the case. You should discuss the facts with the person your criminal defense lawyer finds for you.

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