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    Default Can an Adult Child Sue Her Parents for Childhood Neglect and Injury

    My question involves court procedures for the state of: Texas

    I know that I may be too old for remedy. Is there anything I can do??
    I'm a 41 yo female. I was severely abused by my father and his girlfriend until the age of 14, then I left the home. My question is not about the horrific abuse I suffered at their hands, but rather the medical neglect I suffered that has caused me extreme pain my entire life. My father is now dead. His girlfriend inherited his estate.

    Age 11: I developed hip displaysia and walked duck-footed and was in so much pain. I would stand up from a chair and have to wait a minute or so before I could take a step. They would just yell at me, to embarrass me in public, to not walk like a duck. My aunt found an opportunity to take me to a doctor, and the X-ray showed the problem. My father finally agreed to my mother putting me on her ins, and he paid the other 20% for me to have the surgery. The only reason he agreed was because other family was now involved and he didn't want to look like the monster he was. A plate was put in my right hip and 2 pins were put in the left. They were supposed to be taken out a year later. They didn't get taken out until I was 15 and someone else forced my mother to put me on her insurance again to have them removed. By then they had to be chipped out because bone had grown around them. At 30 I developed severe arthritis in both hips. At 40 I had to have the head of my femor reshaped because I developed an impengment. I'm having the other hip done next week. They also have to repair the ligaments. The pain is still there, like they've done nothing. In a few years I will have to have replacements.

    At age 11: I'm in a wheelchair after hip surgery. It's time for scoliosis check at school. I had it. They sent the pink slip home, and my father just said I would have to become a cripple. At 20, the back pain started. Over the years it became more debilitating. There wasn't much they could do. Pills, braces, tens units, etc. I was raising a child on my own, so I just kept going. I had no opportunity to have any surgical remedy, because at that time, the healing time would have been a year basically in bed. Also, I was dealing with military doctors and they only knew the old way to do things. I didn't want any of them near my spine. At 39 I finally had the opportunity to do something, and the procedure had gotten better over those years. Also, my spine had twisted to the point it was making my ribs turn. It was time. I had 2 very painful surgeries to have it fixed. I'm fused from T-3 (base of neck) all the way down into my pelvis. I have screws anchoring the whole thing into my pelvis. I also have severe arthritis and disk degeneration. One of my vertebrae ground away over the years. I was told many, many times this should have been taken care of when I was a kid. I actually had a couple of doctors say, what do you expect me to do now? You're screwed up. It's been a year since the second surgery on my spine (it was done in 2 stages) and I'm still in so much pain.

    Sitting differently on my hips after the back surgery exasperated my hip condition, and made them "wear out" faster. Hence, the reason I'm having to have the hip surgeries now.

    Age 12: I fell in front of my father. He saw how hard I landed on my right hand. I broke my wrist. He put an Ace bandage on it. The next day I was in terrible pain and couldn't move my wrist. His girlfriend lied and said she saw me popping ice trays. I had not. But she said if I'm well enough to twist an ice tray, then I didn't need that f*****g bandage. She ripped it off. I was made to continue doing manual labor for them. (He was an auctioneer, so I had to move heavy furniture and boxes by myself when he bought a storage unit. Also he picked up odd jobs like clearing construction sites. I was his only laborer.) Over the years I developed arthritis in that wrist, then eventually my scaphoid bone died. (That's the main bone in your wrist.) I had surgery to repair it. There's nothing they can really do for the arthritis though. It still hurts.

    Everything I've been through, and continue to go through, is a direct result of their neglect. I feel this strong desire to take everything away from her, because she was the main influence in my fathers life. They both had the same outlook that I should just suck it up. They were TOLD that if they didn't do anything RIGHT NOW, that I would have serious issues as an adult. They chose to do nothing to help me. And it's not my fault that their negligence (in these matters) didn't become evident until 20 plus years later. Do I have any recourse?

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

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    Default Re: Abused Child-Now Adult. Too Late to Compensate

    I think it's really important for you to look after yourself first and foremost, and if you haven't been in therapy yet I feel that would be a very sensible option for you.

    Unfortunately I can't see any legal recourse at this point.

    I'm sorry.

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    Default Re: Abused Child-Now Adult. Too Late to Compensate

    Thank you for your reply. I appreciate your concern for my mental health, but really, I'm fine. I have a wonderful husband who's always there and has been there through every one of these surgeries. I've been through therapy.
    I just want her held accountable for what she did to me and what she put me through. It makes me angry that I'm still going through all of this, and will continue to do so the rest of my life, and my step monster just gets away with it. There's nothing I can do to make my father pay for what he's done, but she's still there, and says 'oh well'.
    Like I said, I had a feeling there was nothing I could do. But I kind of had this thought that maybe this could be setting a precedent. That someone like me who's physically deformed later in life from something they did (or didn't do) could actually pay.

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