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    Default Does an Eviction Appear on a Subtenant's Credit History

    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: Missouri

    My 21-year-old son is a subtenant to two co-tenants. They are on the lease, he only submitted a background check in order to be a subtenant. One of them (they are a couple) has come to him today to let him know that they may not be able to make March's rent. They claim they wanted to let him know because in the event of an eviction, it would go on his rental record too. Is this correct? I believe they may be trying to scare him into paying their difference, but of course he doesn't want a negative mark on his history due to their issues. Thank you in advance for you help!

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    Default Re: Eviction of Tenants Goes on Subtenant Record

    Typically when a landlord files for an eviction it involves all who reside there. This would include your son.

    An option for your son is to possibly discuss with the landlord terminating the lease with these two, getting them out, having him resign a new lease and (if he cannot afford the entire rent himself) perhaps being able to get some roommates to help out with the rent.


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