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    Default Figuring out overtime pay rate

    I have two seperate employ #'s. One # is an increased pay for the weekends which is usually the only time I work. Its not a diff. it's a rate of pay that all of my benefits are based on. (life insurance,disablity insurace, paid time off, ect.) My second employ# is suppose to be if I choose to work extra or education. The pay is about $10-12$ less per hour. Now I am forced to work mandatory overtime. (So I will be working in the same capacity as I work on the weekend I will just be working during the week, but I am required to clock in on my employ # with less pay, so my overtime will be based on less pay. Also, my employer is offering time + 1/2 on any hours above assigned hours. So I am clocking in during the week on a badge with less pay and paid overtime then when it is weekend (when I really would be getting in to OT I am not paid overtime just my straight pay on that different badge. So I am being paid my overtime in advance on a lower rate. This doesn't sound right to me. Is this legal in Florida?

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    Default Re: question about overtime

    I'm having a hard time following your post but if you work at two different rates your overtime is supposed to be a weighted average of the two.

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